Welcome to the Quarium Blog

Welcome! This is the very first post on the Quarium Blog. If you’re reading this and you notice that there aren’t any other blog posts, think of this as a preview of great things to come. If you’re reading this and you notice plenty of other blog posts besides it, consider this a review of everything offered to you right now. We’re excited about all of the things we are going to share with you on this blog, and here are a few tidbits to whet your whistle before you get to the main course. Oh man. Suddenly, I’m hungry…

What to Expect

Those who can get something out of the Quarium Blog include QuickBooks users, accountants, accounting firms, ProAdvisors, and tax experts. You’ll find information about Quarium, QuickBooks server hosting, cloud hosting in general, and other useful tips and tools to benefit your business.

What’s in It for You?

Businesses that use QuickBooks can benefit from the information about using Quarium’s hosting services in their operations. It offers time and cost savings, security, mobility, and more. Accountants and other QuickBooks professionals can benefit from using Quarium to gain unprecedented access to their clients’ QuickBooks files from a single Client Portal. And they will earn 15-percent commissions on every new client they refer to Quarium.

More to Come

Check back often to see what’s new on the Quarium Blog. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by everything we have to offer. And if you would like to start saving time and money on your QuickBooks hosting, click here to schedule a 30-minute demo of Quarium.